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BPO Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPO?

There are a number of companies that rely on a service provider for maintaining the back office jobs and other associated projects. These tasks may not be related to the core business processes but are important for the smooth functioning of the organization. This process is commonly known as business process outsourcing where the service provider work in an IT based setting to work for their client companies. The BPO services help in reducing the cost of the client company and improve its work efficiency.

What is BPO Division of Brainware India is all about?

The BPO at Brainware is an outsourcing company situated in Kolkata, India. We provide outsourcing services at competitive rates for our clients. We ensure fast turn around and accuracy of the work delivered. Customers' requirements are our main concern and we customize our work according to them.

What are the Services that We Provide?

BPO at Brainware offers the following services:

Banking and Financial Services:

  • Accounting and Finance Services
  • Tax Processing and Tax Preparation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Payroll Processing Services

Data Management Services:

  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Processing
  • Catalog Conversion

How is the Project Handled?

We at BPO at Brainware follow an initial trial period for our clients' projects. It is during the trial period that you can evaluate the efficiency and quality of our work. It becomes easier for the companies to decide whether to assign the outsourcing projects to us.
The project management procedures will be discussed with our clients and they can be directly in touch with the person looking after their projects.
We strongly believe in customer relationship. As we progress with our clients' projects we welcome feedback and suggestions based on the outsourcing projects.

Is it Cost Effective?

Outsourcing your works to BPO at Brainware is always a cost effective process. We offer competitive rates compared to other business process outsourcing companies in India. Your company can reduce costs in certain areas of the core business as you outsource your tasks to us.

How is the Infrastructure?

The infrastructure of BPO at Brainware is suited to provide outsourcing projects. Our operational office is located in India and we manage the clients' projects from this office. Our office is equipped with P4 highly configured machines and 1 MB Internet bandwidth.

Is the Data Protected?

The clients' data are highly secured at BPO at Brainware. We do not disclose the information of our customers as we respect their confidentiality. Our systems are protected with updated version of anti virus and firewall. Both the paper documents and digitally stored documents are well protected at our office.

How is the Payment Carried Out?